Walnut on Walnut

This piece is made of Iowa walnut and the shells came from under that tree. There were two separate pieces of wood I decided to turn into one larger bowl. The top ring was parted off from the feature ring, and the bottom half was the second piece. The feature ring was divided into 12 segments, holes drilled almost through and the cut walnut shells CA glued to the bottom of the recesses. Then the recesses were filled with casting resin, and after setting glued into a ring with wenge between each segment. The main difficulties with this piece was getting the walnut shells precisely placed so that when turned their orientation did not change. I wanted them horizontal, but the slightest miscue on placement or the tiniest miscue on depth of cut would suddenly change the direction of the shell to vertical, as they show on the inside of the bowl. The other difficulty was getting a clean cut on the resin, as it wanted to chip. Shear scraping with a very sharp scraper is all that would work. The bottoms of the holes where the shells were placed were turned away and revealing the shells in a window. The piece is about 12" diameter and is finished with Danish oil and buffed. The "windows" are final polished with rottenstone and mineral oil

- Herman de Vries

Item is For Sale

$500.00 in US Dollars
To Purchase Contact: herm@hdv.net
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