Monthly featured Artist

Eli Polite

“I’m a wood worker of nearly 30 years; I’m just now exploring woodturning.”

Once in a while someone comes on the scene and captures the imagination of others with their skill, craftsmanship, innovation and individuality. In only 3 short years of turning, Eli is creating some of the most unique and complex segmenting that, apparently, only he can imagine. In photos of his work on WoW and in discussion he has shared a bit about his process and approach. His trajectory has been steep, having one of his pieces selected for a critique at this year’s AAW symposium in Raleigh, NC, his first time in attendance!

Eli certainly has more to show us along his journey. “I’m a segment turner. I’m always looking for ways to push the limits.” His YouTube videos are illuminating and loaded with information on how he goes about conceiving and constructing his pieces. Amazingly, he doesn’t use computers or draw his designs out; he builds off a mental image.

The WoW family is fortunate to have Eli as a member and is pleased to honor him as the Artist of the Month for October 2019.

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