It Satisfied My Soul No. 3

I started turning in 2002. I received my lathe and a set of turning tools for Christmas from my husband. It was a surprise...and we're still married! I became addicted, especially after I took a bowl class four months later from Beth Ireland. That class saved me lots of frustration and bad words. I now turn full time. I am a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, the oldest craft organization in the USA, founded in 1932. My first love in turning was and still is bowls, but I have become obsessed with the details of pyro-engraving and carving on my work. My website is, which shows the range of my work. I participate in one event here in New Hampshire, the annual League of NH Craftsman Fair, a 9-day event every August. I also sell my work in their 7 retail galleries.

- Donna Banfield

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