Basket Weave Illusion

I am a retired electrical engineer and have been woodworking for over thirty years. I suddenly took an an interest in woodturning when I retired about thirteen years ago. My best retirement gift was a Rockler Hardware gift certificate. I was thinking of buying a bandsaw when suddenly a woodturning lathe caught my attention. I'm not sure why, but I felt that I just had to turn wood. At the time, I was thinking of using the lathe to turn table and chair legs. So far, I have turned one table leg. Nevertheless, the obsession hasn't gotten any better over the years since then. In fact it has progressively taken over my entire being and even displaced some of my other hobbies like flying, photography, amateur radio, and gardening. My bio photo shows me still polishing the finish on a platter as we arrived at the club house for our 2014 Christmas banquet. The platter was an auction item -- the Christmas auction is our club's largest fund raiser of the year.

- Bill Boehme

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