Well traveled bowl

I have been fortunate to get to visit family in NZ and Australia on a number of occasions in the past few years and each time I have connected with various WoW members and either swapped wood or received gifts from them. Ian Ourshoorn in Auckland, NZ gave me a rough turned Macracarpa (Monteray Pine) blank almost 2 years ago that I have recently finish turned and this is the result. It cracked in transit (airplane holds are very dry) so I added 5 pewas. Finish is WoP and the rim is textured, 15" x 4 1/4". Macracarpa was imported into NZ in the mid 1800's and used extensively for wind breaks on farms. My uncle had a row of Macracarpa trees right through the middle of his orchard when I was a kid. They grow all over the country and get very large - and often quite ugly! C&C welcome.

- Kelvin Burton

Item is For Sale

$350.00 in US Dollars
To Purchase Contact: email: kelvin@burtonclan.us
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