Mystery Wood#2

With BA's in Philosophy and Social Psychology I found a way to make my living as a professional photographer, now retired for 18 yrs. I've had a variety of interests in earlier parts of my life, guitarist and folk singer, archery, fishing, boating, sports cars, but my interest in rifle marksmanship landed me on the ROTC and varsity rifle team at Ohio State University. Facing the draft after graduation and having married the love of my life in 1968, I instead enlisted in the Army to become a camera repairman, and ended up as a mission specialist sharpshooter/photographer with Rangers of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. I've long been a woodworker, have been turning for 35 yrs. and have been fortunate to study with a number of our widely known turners. These include Rude Osolnik, Knud Oland, David Ellsworth, John Jordan, Ray Key, Jean-Francois Escoulen, Ron Fleming, Al Stirt, Del Stubbs, Larry Hasiak, Bonny Klein, Mark St.Leger, Rodger Jacobs, Joe Looper, and some others I've forgotten! I've been an instructor at the John C.Campbell Folk School for 18 yrs. and have done numerous demonstrations in the US and New Zealand. I've attended 17 AAW Symposia, demonstrated at 5, as well as many regional symposia. I love and hoard a stash of wood, and have built an extensive collection of turnings.

- Jamie Donaldson

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