Cryptex Tantalus (version 3)

My very first turning was a giant chess piece turned in 7th grade shop. It was a black king and I wasn't allowed to use anything but scrapers after the teacher turned the blank round. . . . . This particular project didn't hook me on turning, but it does represent one of the earlier (successful!) times I attempted to make something and started with little or no idea of what I was doing. . . . . That's pretty much my life as a maker. . . . . I started woodturning in earnest around 2005 after acquiring an old Delta-Milwaukee lathe. One of my motivations for becoming proficient at turning was the construction of a "Cryptex Tantalus" - another project that started with no clear idea of how to accomplish it. You can see the result on my website. . . . . I am fascinated by boxes both simple and mechanical. I also love highly repetitive patterns, geometric constructions, the play of positive/negative and pieces where the light and shadow caused by the structure creates a visual texture. . . . . Somewhere around 2009 I started developing a process of supported turnings, using ice or wax to support a structure that once turned has the temporary support melted away. . . . . I have been active in both the AAW and my local GSWT. I've demonstrated locally and internationally including being featured as an emerging artist at the 2010 AAW symposium in Hartford, CT. . . . . Presently I'm back at woodart and turning full time working in my shop/studio in Penacook NH. If I'm not at the shop, I'm probably working on getting the woodshop at the Manchester Maker space setup. . . . . After a long hiatus (working a "real" job), it's great to be back with the turners.

- David Belser

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