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I'm back on WoW after a long absence, and retired now from our Marketing company that we established in 1985. I'm trying to sort out all the free time I have. So far, the grand kids, golf and wood turning are filling most of my days. I have to admit that turning and golf compete heavily for my attention. The G-kids will always remain priority one. The other two are seasonal so turning does suffer for six months of the year. Otherwise, I have been turning for quite a long time, becoming serious after taking two semesters of turning lessons from Mark Sfirri, part of the fine Arts Program at the Bucks Community College near Philadelphia. Needless to say, that was an eye opener to turning. Other training included a 3 day class with another local guy, D. Ellsworth, and many rotations at the AAW symposiums. Our local club, the Bucks Woodturners, also sponsors an annual HOW (Hands on Workshop) series where members sign-up for weekend long classes on specific aspects of our art. The instructors are also members of the club. I'm proud to say that I have moved on from student to instructor. The Bucks Woodturners also hosts Echo Lake each year. Its a collabrative workshop. We invite a couple of big names in the turning world to join us for three days to produce pieces sold at auction at the close of the workshop. This is a great way to learn from each other. For years I turned inventory for sale at craft shows. I can't do the shows because I can't stand that long. I make fewer pieces now and try to make them something special. I concentrate on form and orginality through carving and other surface enhancements. See more of my work at www.turnedforms.com Thanks for looking....John H Williams

- John H. Williams

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