Reach for the Sky

As a born and bred New Zealander, I have been exposed from birth to the unrestricted beauty Mother Nature provides; an explosive visual symphony that all Kiwis freely enjoy. Our ever changing landscape coupled with the diverse range of timbers available serve to continually inspire. Such an environment fosters my innate passion and life long commitment to all things wood. Through the years my work has evolved with my creations now viewed in terms of wood art. I am honoured to have many such pieces residing in notable collections around the world. It has been said there is a high degree of skill and resolve in my work, yet the end result often appears light and free flowing. These qualities invite the viewer in and allow ones eye to play, while the mind is left to wonder and be inspired. I have travelled the woodturning circuit for the last decade and rubbed chisels with many of the world's best turners, learning new techniques which I have gone on to further develop and incorporate into my art. These techniques include carving, texturing, colouring and the study of correct form. I delight in stretching the boundaries of accepted convention as is evident through my winged vessel collection. A desire for innovation can be reflected in my multi axis, off centre, out of balance works. The flip side of creativity is the enormous sense of satisfaction I gain from imparting my knowledge to fellow Woodies. I have tutored at symposiums internationally, across America, Australia, Europe and extensively throughout New Zealand. Additionally my works have featured numerous times in woodturning publications worldwide. I enjoy being a regular author for numerous international woodturning publications. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity with you in the hope I can inspire you to grow and further develop your woodturning passion. Examples of my work can be seen on my website. (

- Terry Scott

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