First turned a piece with my uncle to hold kitchen matches, most stoves were LP gas then so you needed a match to light, in the late 1950's. This was a Craftsman lathe with a 9 inch swing with a motor that was used mainly on the washing machine. Been turning off and on since but got serious around 2008, life slowed up a little to do some things I liked to do for me. Same uncle helped purchase a Powermatic 3520B about 9 years ago. The uncle has since passed on but I still think of him often. Member of Great Plains Woodturning Club in Lincoln, NE and Omaha Woodturners Club in Omaha, NE. Have a great time with both clubs. They both do seminars that are a great help in learning. Also have attended a seminar in Waco and Nashville. Hope to take some other turning classes as time allows.

- Steve Mawson

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