Tu Tall Na whanui

I have always hand a passion for wood work and jewellery since my teenage years. Now at nearly 60yrs this passion has resurfaced with vengeance to leave behind a bit of me….a foot print that my friends and family can relate to. The craft of turning for me started out as merely making a 8 cup coffee rack which I still proudly have, and use every day. After meeting Jenny my wife and having 4 children of whom none are sat home, I found a need to re-activate my artistic bent. A few dollars later, a new cast iron lathe, and some basic real tools had me exploring spindles and bowls with vigour. Even then, I came to a point of what else and started surfing the net to be completely dumfounded by the share amount of woodturning to be found on line….now hooked enough to approach a local club to join I approached the Putaruru Wood Crafters (started by the late Ken Sager). These guys welcomed me in 4 years ago to which I am now president. My turning over the last 3 years has been to develop my standard to a level where I feel comfortable placing items in exhibition and completion. This development has rapidly accelerated to several podium results. My main work has always included pattern and texture with an Indigenous Pacific influence. Bowls, platters, hollow form, box’s, and spindle work, have been burnt, carved, coloured, to give an extra feel of my artistic personality. To the future, I hope to teach what I have learnt thus far, and continue to explore more of my idea’s. The comments of WOW members tothe work I have posted has helped me in this creative journey, please continue to guide, as I do in return.

- Neil Joynt

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$700.00 in US Dollars
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