Born 1939 in Berlin, Germany, I emigrated to the USA at age 18, got married and my wife and I served three years in the US Army and spent another two years as a surveyor in Connecticut. We then went to Switzerland, where I studied Architecture at the ETH in Z├╝rich. After graduating we ran an Architectural Office for 40 years in Switzerland. In 1997 we inherited a beautiful piece of land with a house on the Maine coast. My wife and I decided to make that our summer home, and it was in Maine, about 5 years ago, that I got "hooked" on wood turning through some woodworking friends. I took several classes at CFC in Rockport/Maine and then startet my own shop, learning from additional classes, from friends and "by doing it". Aside from my family (wife, two grown sons and five grandschildren), wood, wood-turning and my accordeon have become the reason for living a happy older age.

- John Zeitner

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