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Elisha is a master woodworking artist and craftsman. Born in Kibuts Gal-On and today lives in Moshav Timorim in the Shfela area of Israel where he raises a family and produces functional and decorative works of art in his studio. At an early age, driven by his innate curiosity and creativity, Elisha began experimenting with wood carving. After finishing his Army duty, he went to England to work at the restoration of antique furniture and the renovation of homes. There he fulfilled his childhood desire to understand the intricacies of working with wood. Upon his return to Israel, he and a friend established a successful company, building wood framed homes. Today, Elisha has become a well known expert in home building and carpentry, adviser to designers and home builders throughout Israel. He continues to hone his woodturning skills in his studio where he expresses his creativity turning blocks of wood into breathtaking works of art. Elisha has also become a teacher of the woodturning skill and has already taught many workshops.

- Elisha Rubinoff

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$7,000.00 in US Dollars
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