Rounded bottom Mulberry bowl

My name is Yuval Lahav. I was born in Israel, 1977. I was always artistically inclined, drawing, sculpting in clay, wood or plastics, and even sewing. But I was never comfortable inside the system, and even though I was accepted to the best art school in Israel, I passed on the opportunity. I quit school when I was 15 and instead went to work, I served my time in the army when I turned 18, 4 years in infantry, and later picked up, as a hobby, what would become my future profession, which is programming online multiplayers games, both for web and mobile devices (as an evolution of my profession in the last couple of years). I learned this by myself, mostly from books and trial and error, which suited me just fine, as it would seem I have a kneck for logic and programming languages, of which I know many. I got married in 2004, to my half Italian wife, who always wanted to move to and work in Italy, which we did, a week after our wedding. I've been living and working in Italy ever since as a programmer, up until last year (2015), when the company I worked for decided to move to Cyprus for tax reasons, which left me unemployed and unable to find work in my profession (or any other) due to new laws about reduced taxes employers have to pay for employees under 35 years old. I'm 38, so I'm out of the game, it would seem. I picked up woodturning in 2012, after I've seen a video of a person turning a lampshade out of a log. At that moment I said to myself "I have got to learn how to do that". For a year I watched Youtube videos of woodturning until I knew how to turn in my mind, and I bought my first lathe (90 Euro on sale). It lasted 3 months before I overloaded the motor, but at that point, I was hooked. I turned bowls exclusively until a friend told me I should submit an entry to the 2014 Christmas ornament challenge, which I did. The response to that video started my turning and learning process and my youtube channel.

- Yuval Lahav

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