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just abasic kiwi bloke doing what kiwis do,, bustin in a horse, fixing up a tractor, mending a fence,, drinking beer and swapping yarns with a mate, but i'm not averse to having a lend of you all from time to time,, machinist,fitter,welder, by trade, bullshit artist by choice, dragon slayer, restorer of monarchies and virgins, croc wrestled, wars fought, ,fanatics converted, been to sea, been in army, made guns,cannon, and interesting "things" skydiver, tandem skydive pilot, fixed some planes, flew some planes, hitch hiked around Canada, and a bit of USA, photographer for Wella hair care, Wrangler on movie sets, successful cutting horse rider, , ohh i dunno, thats about all really,

- Colin Parkinson

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