Ambrose Maple bowl

I have enjoyed woodworking and construction for as long as I can remember. Along with other woodturning equipment I had a Craftsman tube lathe and occasionally I would turn a spindle or candlestick. But the lathe was the least used tool in the shop, mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing. One day after a particularly scary catch I decided learning about woodturning would make it more enjoyable and safer! The woodturning community is very generous in teaching others and I received help from online sources and the Michigan Association of Woodturners. I learned that I needed to upgrade some tools, especially sharpening equipment and lathe. Woodturning quickly became a favorite wood working activity. I enjoy making all sorts of items on the lathe, from pens to hollow forms. I like variety but particularly enjoy turning bowls from green wood. The majority of wood I use is from salvaged trees that have fallen. As an electrician at GM I took advantage of tuition refund program at work and finished up a bachelor’s degree. In my senior year I made a website that has been collecting dust. Recently I have updated it with woodturnings. They can be viewed at:

- Jim Seyfried

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