Whimsical balance

I still consider myself a novice at woodturning, having only taken it up in 2009. The first 5 years were spent making candlesticks, ball bats, a few spindles and then some fairly rough looking bowls. I took pride in the fact that I was self taught, until I realized that my teacher really didn't know that much! Two years ago a friend suggested that I contact a long time turner and instructor, Jim Burrowes. Along with showing proper techniques, he opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of the lathe in creating wood art. The past couple of years, I've felt like a kid in a candy store, seeing the beautiful and amazing work done by other turners, both professional and non-professionals. I've been influenced by the works of such turners as David, Ellsworth, Cindy Drozda, Mike Hosaluk and others. Turning has now become a true passion and each day I attempt to become a little better and learn a little more. I only wish that I hadn't waited until retirement to discover the wonderful world of woodturning!

- Barry Todd

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