NIP hollow form - WW#3

I like to think I’ll spend the rest of my life turning Norfolk Island Pine (NIP) almost exclusively, yet only scratch the creative surface of what can be created with it. I’m deeply drawn to – what I call – its random consistency, whereby each log section has its own unique fingerprint yet all easily recognizable as NIP. Mother Nature is the true artist deciding on how she wants a particular piece to be colorized and spalt. Sure, I work along with her utilizing various techniques to hasten the spalting or stop it altogether, to create softer or deeper contrasting pieces, to bring out the wood’s stunning translucent properties or reveal the wagon wheel branch pattern hiding inside. But ultimately, I merely edit her grandiose work into a shorter form. First started turning in 2018, I cannot imagine myself not turning, thinking of turning or at least wanting to - each and every day since. I look forward to a lifelong passion.

- Dan Stevenson

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