Sedona Greek Key

Living in tropical Far North Queensland adds a few perks to life, particularly being on the border of the Wet to Dry Tropics forests. We have many options with the magnificent Great Barrier Reef on our door step, a trip out to the reef to get a nice tasty meal of Coral Trout or Spanish Mackeral or scrounging some of the vast range of timbers available to us in tropical Australia. Having spent my childhood, gem collecting, fishing, sailing and a few decades working as a surveyor in far northern & western Queensland, I have a strong affinity with the natural environment. My interests in wood turning include, spindle turning particularly spinning tops, small bowl forms, and any item constructed from linear laminated blanks. The natural splendor of our Australian & imported timbers offers a wide palette of colors to explore form and construction techniques. I have a very keen interest in promoting safety, and an awareness of hazard and risk management for wood turners. Being among a small minority of wood turners who turn with a pacemaker or pacemaker/defibrillator I am keen to make contact with others to share our experience & knowledge. Now some four years into an early retirement I'm spending much more time enjoying the company of our family, particularly our two grand daughters and pursuing our shared hobby interests in the garden.

- Geoff Whaling

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