Deep Hollowed Textured Vase

CONTENTMENT TURNINGS by David Swiger - Artist Statement - I truly hope that my turnings will impart in you the feelings of contentment that I experience when turning pieces at my lathe. Feelings of serenity, happiness, and pleasure! About David - After retiring as a Naval Combat System Engineer in 2004, I started Swiger WoodWorks, LLC, building custom woodworking benches, furniture, cabinets, and doors. However, woodturning was always calling my name in the background; a carryover from my middle school days when I first turned on a lathe. Encouraged by my wife Brenda, and others, I redirected my woodworking efforts into woodturning. I immediately discovered feelings of serenity, happiness, and pleasure… feelings of contentment! To become an accomplished professional turner, I mentored two years with Don and Harriet Maloney of Bluemont, VA; well-known turners in the Washington, DC area. That mentoring process has now turned into a collaboration of encouraging each other to improve our skills. Every Tuesday I pack up tools and wood and head to their studio. This camaraderie continues to pay big dividends in the quality of my work. To further my capabilities, I take classes and workshops yearly with both internationally and nationally known professional turners including the likes of Liam O’Neil, David Ellsworth, Jimmy Clewes, Mike Sorge, Jamie Donaldson, and others. Additionally, I attend the Annual American Association of Woodturners Symposium where I am influenced by turning demonstrators like Mark Baker, Liam Flynn, and others with their theories on bowl and lidded box designs, hollow form turnings, etc. It is the combination of all of these stimuli that continuously help me to define my wood art pieces and to propel my work to new levels.

- David Swiger

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