I'm an old beginner in woodturning with a degree in sales management, I looked for success in business for some years, but felt a lack of purpose in my work. I needed something which would let me build tangible things with my own hands. Since childhood, I’ve always had an interest in wood. I entered vocational training in joinery (1998) and that is where I met my first lathe! Aside from my new job, I mainly spent my leisure time at woodturning. In 2001 I settled in a small village in south of France's countryside. I made boxes, bowls, plates and decorative objects, selling on local markets. But after 5 tough years, I had to get back to full time salary job. We had a new baby, and I was a bit lonely in my woodturning. I stopped turning and went back to joinery until I had an injury and then there was the 2020 lock down... Nothing to do, so I un-buried my lathe, and restored my skills in woodturning, finding a new passion. Posted some of my work, and tried to improve quickly with my work centered on creative work. Attended a week of hollowing training at Escoulen school conducted by Yann Marot. There were many changes in technique, especially sanding tools and efficiency finding the optimal shaving! Bought a bigger lathe, and set up my workshop. Now I'm ready for the "after" covid, and look forward to any advice from the woodturning community!

- Édouard Bochart

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