Black n yellow

Early in his childhood, Peter Walen and his grandfather were always at work tackling various handmade projects together. It was a small lathe, at the end of his Papa Ted's workbench, that Peter helped turn his first meat tenderizer. When Peter grew into his teen years, he cleaned out an old shed on his parents property, built himself a workbench and started collecting carpentry tools. When his grandfather learned about Pete's Shop, complete with a sign hung up outside the door, he knew it was time to pass his lathe on to his grandson. After Peter purchased his first home, he turned his small garage into a workshop which helped him with his carpentry business and his passion for woodturning. Every extra dollar he could save, he bought books, woodturning tools and larger lathes. With his passion for turning, along with his family's strong artistic genes, Peter continues to push himself and his lathe to turn out beautiful works of art. Mention Walen Woodworking's woodturnings to the locals and they will, more than likely, tell you they own a bowl, a cutting board, a vase, etc. or they bought one to give as a gift. Peter is an active member (as well as a featured demonstrator) of the Western Maine Woodturner's Association.

- peter Walen

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