The Gravity of Bubbles

Originally from Texas, I have spent the majority of my life (and raised my four children) in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. I began my fascination with woodworking in general more than 36 years ago and became proficient in building simply designed furniture and utilitarian objects. Only within the last 14 years have I become addicted to artistic woodturning. For me, creating my wood turned art is the great escape. When I stand at my lathe with a 50 pound hunk of freshly cut wood whirling around at great speed, I am able to transcend into a creative state that allows me to concentrate on nothing but the raw “canvas” that has been placed before me. All of the work that I create is one of a kind, although I may carry forward a central theme for a series of work. I am not a production wood turner of utilitarian objects by any means. I strive for complete harmony in grain, color, shape and texture. I have always been interested in surface decoration, particularly with mediums that would naturally contrast with wood….such as metal, water, glass, etc. My work won a juried competition for the AAW’s “A Walk In The Woods” exhibition and was exhibited at the AAW symposium and at the Gallery for Wood Art in 2012. I have won the People’s Choice award at the TAW symposium two times and finished third once.

- Jerry Prosise

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