Bristlecone Pine 1

Andy Greif Live Edge Bowls Since 1988, my professional life has been in the service of the healthy developmental needs of kids, through experiential and wilderness activities. In 2005, I founded the Community Bicycle Center, a youth development organization in Biddeford, Maine -- I led this non-profit as Executive Director until the Fall of 2016, when my wife and I moved to Taos, New Mexico and built a home in Valverde Commons, a co-housing community. My introduction to wooden bowl turning was an Adult Education class taught by Jack Savona in Kennebunk, Maine, where we lived. In June of 2015, I took a live edge (aka natural edge) bowl turning class taught by master turner, Warren Carpenter at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. I was hooked on this way of turning that allows the wood to reveal its pure self and beauty through the turning process. When I work at the lathe, time passes unnoticed, and thoughts are only of the wood, as my chisel forms the contours and reveals the highlights and grain pattern of a bowl. I sand the bowls on the lathe to 400 grit and finish them with Liberon Finish Oil and Rennaissance Wax, which are not designated “food safe”. I am happy to accept gifts of freshly cut burl or crotch wood that may be lying around the yard -- finding bowl blanks and wood without cracks is a challenge in Taos! Email: Website: Instagram: liveedgebowls Facebook: Live Edge Bowls

- Andy Greif

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