The Bell Curve

I discovered woodturning in August of 2020, when I stumbled on a used mini lathe and tools while searching for equipment to outfit a shop to do some projects around the house. Needless to say, those projects have yet to be done! I have been an electrician since March of 2000 and in 2019, I left the field for an office position. I think that move, combined with a global pandemic created a void from no longer working with my hands. Woodturning has not only filled that void, but it has also filled a much deeper creative one that I did not even realize existed. I turned a couple of magic wands for my kids to play with, then my first bowl. I have been obsessed ever since. When my mother passed away in October of 2020, I took an interest in hollowforms with the intent of someday making her an urn. I am currently Recording Secretary of the Northwest Woodturners and have been asked to serve the Cascade Woodturners as Safety Officer in 2022. I am also a member of the Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild and the AAW. I have come here seeking the critical evaluation that is so important to growth. I am also on Instagram, @kevinjesequel.

- Kevin Jesequel

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