Ian's Collection. A Haon

In 2019 I got my first lathe, a Record CL 3 and was delighted with myself. I began to teach myself the art of woodturning by watching YouTube. After three months I decided it was time to take the next step and I attended lessons with Robert O'Connor. After the lessons I purchased a Record CL4 lathe and a Jet mini lathe. In 2020 at the age of 59 I had to retire from work on health grounds, which gives me more time to turn when the body lets me. Unfortunately after a critical illness in 2015 I was left with memory issues. Some days I might stand in front of the lathe and may not be to sure which way to put the wood in, which tool to use or the right way to hold the tool. But life goes on and I love Woodturning. On a weekly basis I attend the local Men's Shed where I share my knowledge with other members. I love to upcycle wood from old furniture so it lives again. and this can be seen it lots of my work. Gerry

- Gerry Deegan, GerWood Turning

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