Ever since I was a child, I loved to tinker and build. I've always been very curious to see what the inside looks like, so I took my dad's bar camera apart to take a closer look; when my curiosity and thirst for knowledge were finally satisfied, I tried to put everything back together... which of course I didn't succeed. Later I did things differently... A big problem in life is versatility, because if you can do a lot, you can often do nothing right. A rule that I wanted to break as an autodidact... the tendency to perfection and never being satisfied with yourself helps enormously. It's always important for me to know that there are better people out there, because that's the only way I can learn and develop further. My interests have increased over the course of life as I got older, at some point listening to music was no longer enough, making music myself was already a greater fulfillment, and then it was the same with crafts and art. In 2017 I discovered turning for myself and the diverse possibilities associated with it to express myself in art.

- Martin Fleischmann

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