Wall Hanging Cherry 20"

I have been a hobby woodworker all of my adult life and have completed numerous hardwood projects, such as grandfather clocks for my three married sons. About 10-12 years ago I bought a mini lathe, began turning, and have never looked back. Now woodturning is my first love. I am a member of the Capitol Area Woodturners club, near Washington D.C. Here, I have obtained invaluable guidance and advice from experienced members and professional demonstrators. I find each woodturning project to be both a challenge and a joy and attempt to turn each piece to enhance its beauty and highlight the natural affects that occurred to the wood as the tree grew. Such things as unique wood grain, insect damage, wind stress, and voids make for interesting pieces. I have a small shop in the unfinished part of my basement in Annandale, Virginia. Although it is too small and my wife has to put up with a lot of dust, we make it work for us. Anyone interested can contact me at wdwkheat@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram at @wdwkheat.

- Mark Heatwole

Item is For Sale

$1,200.00 in US Dollars
To Purchase Contact: wdwkheat@gmail.com
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