I was born in Yorkshire in 1970, but after living in South Africa for 5 years, and travelling to Australia on a 5 month backpacking adventure, and living in Florida for 5 year,I have now settled in Lincolnshire. I discovered woodturning by accident in 2008 whilst I was restoring a 1952 scammell explorer. The wooden Crain handle had perished, and I need to make a new one. My husband suggested turning one on a lathe…. My response was “what is a lathe”? The first time I turned, with zero idea what I was doing, I learnt two things; never put your fingers over the tool rest, and I had found a new hobby! I started off with a really bad lathe and the cheapest tools available, and worked in an old tumble down ex pig shed that was 8’x10’ ,and I’m now the proud owner of a VB36, CL4, and a Alcock and Shipley milling machine converted into a lathe,  in a 40’x25’ shed that I build from scratch to my own specifications.My preferred wood to work with is freshly felled green timber, mainly ash, beech and elm. My favourite wood is yew. I only ever make one of something, so every piece is a learning curve, which I enjoy.I have never had a lesson, and I am sure that has impeded my progress, but I have learnt a lot from watching wood turners at clubs, and asking lots of questions.I started carving my turnings about a year after I started turning, firstly because I got bored with round and brown, and secondly because I was in awe of Terry Scott and Andi Wolfe’s creations. What they were doing excited me, and got my creative juices flowing.I spend most days in my shed, either turning or carving. It’s my happy place!

- andi Marshall

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