Hybrid I

Bill Hrnjak is a retired Motion Picture & Television Propmaker, carpenter, and Construction Coordinator. Bill worked with wood for his entire 40 plus year career and did woodturning as part of his employment in the film industry at Disney studios and at Universal Studios. He spent many years as the Mill & Prop shop Superintendent at Universal Studios, supervising, training and overseeing as many as 150 talented craftsmen every day. Hobby woodturning was just a natural progression for him and remains his prime area of interest. Bill was the founding President of the Glendale Woodturners Guild, GWG, an AAW chapter in Southern CA in 1993, and served as the President for the group’s first four years which included hosting monthly meetings at his home and shop in Glendale. He is currently the webmaster for the Central Coast Woodturners, CCWT, another AAW local chapter based in San Luis Obispo, CA. With his varied and complex background Bill has always attempted to combine ideas and processes to make things slightly “outside the box” with the end goal of combining the precision of metalworking with the beauty of wood and at the same time “Honor the Tree”.

- Bill Hrnjak

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